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Cracked teeth

A cracked tooth can describe a variety of situations where a tooth has become broken. this can be due to accidental damage but more commonly due to the stresses of constant use.

Will I need to have treatment?

Yes - it is important to get advice as soon as possible to help the treatment be more effective. If they are not treated, cracked teeth can lead to the death of the nerve, and an abscess might grow which could need root canal treatment or extraction. In severe cases, the tooth can actually split in two. If this happens your dentist will not be able to save the tooth and it will need to be taken out.

How are cracked teeth fixed?

The choice of treatment depends on the amount of damage to the tooth. You should ask your dentist what the best treatment for you is.

The cost will vary depending on what treatment you need. There may be extra costs if there are complications and you need more treatment. Ask your dentist for a treatment plan and a written estimate before you start treatment. For more information follow the pdf link opposite.